Goggle Search Console Provides Tools To Help You Submit Your Different Approach To Their Internet Strategies.

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How to Stop Snacking and Not Eat Everything in the Fridge When You Work From Home | Healthyish | Bon Appetit

In writing these brief paragraphs, I’ve walked to the fridge no fewer than three times, just to break up the monotony of sitting at my desk alone. But we who work from home don’t have to be slaves to our refrigerators. We can break free of our chair-to-fridge cycles, Zeitlin says, and curb our constant cravings. Here’s how. “Eating on a schedule will help you fight cravings and stay satisfied throughout the day,” says Zeitlin. Plus, it will help you be mindful of whether you’re eating “because you’re genuinely hungry, or because you’re bored,” she says. Start your day with a filling breakfast of protein and fiber—think: a vegetable-egg scramble with a side of Greek yogurt and berries, plus a slice of whole-wheat toast topped with avocado mash. Then, commit to not eating lunch for three hours, Zeitlin says. Lunch can be followed by a snack another three hours later, and dinner three hours after that, she says. According to Zeitlin, “Staying well-hydrated throughout the day is a key defense against cravings.” (And, she points out, at home “there’s no issue with finding an open bathroom or passing the same coworker’s desk for the tenth time.”) Aim for eight to 10 glasses of water each day, though more is totally fine, too.

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We all have bad days, at work, at school and home. Sometimes, bad is an understatement, but that doesn't mean it's forever. You can choose to change your day, do something you love. And always rid yourself of toxic people. You'll thank yourself sooner than later!