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Updated Wipes Flushability Guidelines To Help Consumers, Municipalities

A 2016 NYC Study found that 98 percent of what was collected from wastewater treatment plant screens consisted of non-flushable items, including: non-flushable paper such as paper towels; feminine hygiene products including tampons and pads; and To help consumers and communities reduce the burden to their wastewater infrastructure, INDA and EDANA are introducing the updated Code of Practice: Communicating Appropriate Disposal Pathways for Nonwoven Wipes to Protect Wastewater Systems, Second Edition, 2017 (Code of Practice for labeling). This new edition requires that non-flushable wipes display the “Do Not Flush” symbol on wipe packaging such that it is viewable on shelf at the point of purchase and visible each time a wipe is removed from its dispenser package. Pilot programs conducted by wastewater organizations in cooperation with INDA have demonstrated that focused consumer awareness campaigns can reduce the improper flushing of baby wipes by ~50 percent. “The prominent ‘Do Not Flush’ symbol on non-flushable products like baby wipes will help raise awareness of the importance of why these products should be thrown in the trash – not flushed,” said Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA. Enhanced Flushability Criteria for Defining Flushable Products Flushable wipes are designed to be compatible with household pipes and with municipal and home wastewater collection and treatment systems. Flushable wipes are designed to stay strong in use, have a mechanism to weaken after flushing, and degrade biologically in wastewater treatment systems. However, baby wipes, cleaning wipes and other non-flushable wet wipes maintain their strength after being flushed and can be a leading cause of clogs. The new Edition Four of the Guidelines for Assessing the Flushability of Disposable Nonwoven Products serves as a resource for manufacturers and brand owners to ensure their flushable wipes are compatible with existing wastewater infrastructure. Edition Four updates certain test methods and criteria for passing.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.textileworld.com/textile-world/nonwovens-technical-textiles/2018/05/updated-wipes-flushability-guidelines-to-help-consumers-municipalities/

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